lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

I think I need a little help this time.

Somehow, I want to mix some happiness with a little bit of strength, put it all in a box, and give it to you.

Can't we make each other happy anymore?

Even if your future doesn't include me, I want it to be superb.

Because I found myself lost into a world I didn't belong, surrounded by people I didn't care about. Surrounded by false and unexistent feelings. Superficiality. And suddenly you appeared to give me something new. You gave me illusions and hope. You made me believe in things I thought that were unreal.

How lovely it would be to turn into those young folks who couldn't help falling in love with each other. I found absolutely impossible to walk away from you. I was willing to stick with you forever. I wish I were able to turn back time and try to make this stuff work.
But I can't.

So what are we supposed to do now? Anybody knows?
Can we make it alone? Do we need some external help?


As the sun rises, my body wakes up slowly. Easy to do.
The most difficult thing comes in that awful moment when my mind starts working.
That's it. The pain comes to say good morning and spoil my day.
And there's no way to change it. Restless thing.
The clouds are there, even in the sunny days.

And that's all.

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