miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012


Wet feet.
I got my wet cold feet. My feet wet.
That's what I got.
That's all I got.

Congratulations, Yaiza, you've done it right, been the best, yeh.
You must feel proud of yourself, don't you?
No mistakes. No bad actions.
Just you and your perfect morals.


Treacherous green eyes.
Did you think you were an exception?
You're exactly like all the rest.

Take what you're getting, stupid girl.
Now you can cry a river, kill yourself, become a nun. Say you're sorry. Get far in music, win a nobel prize, go abroad to help poor people. You can get a job, have children, or smile again.
Who cares now... It won't make you better.
The damage is done.

Congratulations, girl, you did your best!!!
Played with other's feelings. Lost your life in a few seconds. Destroyed a person's heart, stabbed all world's knives into it. And get your own one broken also. You're incredibly amazing, girl.

Now you're sitting in a room, lonesome, hiding from everybody and everything, just watching the minutes passing by. Finding impossible to look into your people's eyes.
Embarrased, guilty, terrified.
No excuse, no dignity, no rights to talk, to explain.

No rights to keep on loving yourself.
The damage is done.

Congratulations, little girl. You were able to cheat on everybody.

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